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Systems Integrator

We are seeking a talented, qualified individual to join our company as a Systems Integrator. As part of our IT department, you combine various and sometimes disparate subsystems into unified wholes, useful in accomplishing overall business objectives. You compare vendor and subcontractor bids to determine ideal subsystem prices, assess existing infrastructural capacity, and present to senior management regarding needs and capabilities. Our ideal candidate has considerable professional experience in an IT-relevant role, in addition to experience with project management and vendor relationships.

The Systems Integration Specialist is responsible for developing and maintaining system integrations and components, including but not limited to; application to application integrations, services, internal and external API, file transfer, and EDI and SQL queries. The Systems Integration Specialist is fully responsible for participating in requirements analysis and decomposition, design, development, internal testing, and the documentation of same for the application-application integrations. Primary responsibilities will also include troubleshooting existing integrations and providing technical support to the application development team. The Systems Integration Specialist is part of the IT team and works in collaboration with other areas as applicable.

Duties and Responsibilities
Analyze existing systems and infrastructure to determine upgrade needs and integration possibilities
Combine subsystems into cohesive units to better support business objectives
Communicate with vendors to determine ideal subsystem pricing and sourcing
Report to leadership regarding infrastructure capabilities
Develop and maintain services used in application integrations.
Design integration solutions and document the design in accordance with best practices.
Work with teams to architect, design, build, and implement application integrations.
Develop and maintain data integration components such as SQL queries, stored procedures, data extraction and cleansing, and integration with system front end components.
Write code to retrieve appropriate data as derived from requirements.
Build reports and/or data extracts to support business analysis.
Support development on resolving system defects, acting as liaison, and developing solutions.
Coordinate directly with business users and business analyst to best understand and analyze business specifications.
Provide technical assistance to troubleshoot and resolve integration errors.
Requirements and Qualifications
Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Engineering, related field.
At least five years of experience in an IT-related role
Experience with product and software development
Proficiency with SQL and cloud-based web services
Strong analytical, organizational, and communication skills
Experience in structured release & deployment best practices.
Development experience with Java language.
Demonstrated experience writing Web Services, as well as experience writing fault-tolerant code.
Knowledge and Skills
Demonstrated strong analytical/problem solving skills and ability to follow procedures and resolve exceptions.
In depth knowledge of SQL.
Familiarity with database tools such as SQL Developer; Integration Architecture, and best practices.
Excellent written/verbal communication and interpersonal skills with strong sense of customer service.
Strong organizational skills and ability to perform multiple tasks simultaneously, set priorities, and work in a team with diverse cultural backgrounds.
Strong familiarity with agile software development practices and tools.
Demonstrated ability to design and document software solutions.
Team player who is also able to work independently and handle conflicting priorities while maintaining consistent, quality performance standards.
Ability to manage multiple tasks within tight deadlines and prioritize effectively, while delivering high quality work.
Solution oriented with a high sense of quality, attention to detail, accuracy, efficiency, and meeting tight deadlines.